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Constant Pressure Systems and Improved Well Performance

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At Blue Heron, we often receive customer calls for well upgrades. When we do, we recommend constant pressure well pumps.

The standard model wells many customers have work just fine, but if you’re in the market for a new well, constant pressure well pumps have a lot of benefits for homeowners.

One thing we appreciate about these newer models is the quick response time. Pumping water into your home is faster, and the entire process is more streamlined. When you turn the water down, it decreases and slows, when you turn the water up, the variable speed motor responds.

In short, using a constant pressure well system will make you feel like you’re on city water, without the city.

What’s the Difference Between Old and New Well Models?

Standard wells work on two commands, on or off. There’s no varying speed or pressure. You turn your tap on, and the pump runs until the desired water pressure is met. Then it turns off.

These older models have larger tanks, which is good, but sharing water between multiple faucets decreases pressure at a rapid pace. They also take a lot of wear and tear because it works at full force every time you turn on your tap.

A constant pressure system works a little differently. The tanks are smaller, taking up less room but still supplying plenty of water. These systems use specialized controls to maintain water pressure during use.

No matter how much quicker and more controlled water flows with this new well model, it’s not a fix-all.

When a Constant Pressure System Can’t Solve Your Problem

Modern constant pressure well systems are great, but there’s more than one cause of poor water pressure than your well pump alone. 

We get a lot of hard water calls here in Buck County, PA. Hard water causes a myriad of plumbing issues because of mineral buildup. Installing a water softening system will address this issue.

Making the Switch

Making the switch to a constant pressure system is a big step but one worth taking. A well pump lasts anywhere between eight and fifteen years and costs several thousands of dollars to install.

Updating to a constant pressure system is easy once you’ve made the decision. Your well technician removes the old pump and installs the new one. This process can be done in one visit, as long as your well doesn’t require any maintenance beforehand.

Once your constant pressure system is installed, you’ll notice a big difference. Where the average standard well pump sends out 1 to 3 gallons a minute, a constant pressure pump sends more than 5 gallons a minute. 

Cost of Installation vs Cost of Utilization

Making a big switch like this may cost a little more than you were hoping to spend at the moment. The price tag is overshadowed by the long-term savings.

One of the issues with standard well pumps is that they use expensive valves or other pressure components to keep from shutting down. The constant on, off, on, and off also produces heat, which could overwhelm the pump motor. This is a costly problem to fix as it requires replacing the pump.

Overall, the expense of implementing a new constant pressure well system is worth the investment. Over time, the new system will improve water costs and energy bills because of the consistency in water pressure.

Contact Blue Heron Today to Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about constant pressure well systems, Blue Heron is here to help. Our reliable staff will walk you through the replacement process and even help you determine if your old pump needs to be retired.

Call today to chat with someone on the Blue Heron team!

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