Water Softener Installation and Replacement in Bucks County, PA

Hard water can leave stains and scale buildup in your fixtures, water appliances, and plumbing lines. This not only leads to recurring plumbing problems but also makes it inconvenient to get through your daily activities. 

Blue Heron provides professional hard water removal solutions for customers throughout Bucks County, PA that will leave you with greater peace of mind, more efficient plumbing, and improved water flow.

Call now for a free consultation and learn more about your options for water softener installation in Bucks County, PA.

Water Softener Solutions for Bucks County Homes and Businesses

Water softeners are designed to effectively remove abrasive minerals from your water supply (mainly calcium and magnesium). Whole-home water softeners will treat your water before it enters your fixtures and appliances, so you get water that provides you with that silky smooth feeling. Benefits of water softeners include longer lasting pipes and fixtures, better tasting water, and more convenient showers.

Blue Heron offers a variety of products to meet your particular needs and water situation. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation and discuss the water softener installation process for your home or business in Bucks County, PA.


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At Blue Heron we are committed to helping our neighbors find safe, accurate, and long-term solutions that will leave you with the peace of mind you need. We will work closely with you to discuss your concerns and make sure you receive the solution that best meets your situation. From professional water testing services carried out by EPA and DEP approved labs to explaining your options for water softening and other water quality issues, our Bucks County water treatment experts have all of your needs covered.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and receive an upfront estimate for whole-home water softener and hard water removal solutions in Bucks County, PA.

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