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How to Remove Different Types of Iron Present in Well Water

The three types of iron found in well water are ferric, ferrous, and bacterial iron.

Ferric iron

Ferric iron will cause your water to turn bright red or orange. The most effective way to resolve problems with ferric iron is to let your Newtown water treatment specialists install a sediment filter that is sub-micron rated so it can efficiently trap the iron.

Ferrous iron

Ferrous iron is difficult to notice at first. It will not leave any visible clues, but if you were to leave a glass of water out overnight that is filled with ferrous iron, you will wake up to red/brown flakes in the water. 

If your water has ferrous iron (or both ferric and ferrous iron), a sediment filter is often not enough, and you will still find your fixtures stained and your water with that metallic taste.

Other options for treating ferrous iron include oxidizing filters. Our Bucks County, PA and Surrounding Areas water treatment technicians will discuss your options and help you determine the best way to remove iron from your water supply.

Bacterial iron

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