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Tips for Improving Your Well Water Pressure

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If your home gets its water from a well, it’s possible that you have issues with your water pressure. It’s no secret that having low water pressure causes a lot of frustration when doing laundry, showering, doing dishes or any other task that requires a steady stream of water. 

Your home’s water pressure should be between 40 and 60 psi ideally, so if you find yours is lower than 40, you’ll likely run into problems. Luckily, you don’t have to just accept low water pressure if you use a well for your home’s water. Follow these tips to improve your water pressure and ease your frustration.

Adjust the Pressure Switch

The first thing you can try is to adjust the pressure switch. To do this, turn off the circuit that’s connected to your well pump and test the air fill valve with a pressure gauge to determine the pressure. As mentioned above, it should be between 40 and 60 psi. If it’s close to 40 or below, try adjusting the pressure switch that’s located on the pipe that connects the pressure tank and the well. Next, turn the circuit back on and open a faucet to check the pressure. If it still seems low, you can repeat the steps until it’s where you need it to be. 

Get a Pipe Inspection

If your pipes are clogged with sediment and minerals, then your water pressure may diminish to the point where it needs attention. Hard water is typically the cause of mineral buildup, but you won’t know for sure if this is the cause until you have your pipes inspected. It makes sense that clogged pipes will reduce the flow of water into your house, thus lowering the water pressure. If it is determined that you do have hard water, you can have a water softener installed after your pipes are cleaned out to prevent it from happening again. 

Have a Constant Pressure System Installed

A constant pressure system is a device that can help you maintain an acceptable water pressure level if you use well water in your home. it is installed on the water line that enters the house and prevents the water pressure from dropping if multiple fixtures are being used at the same time. You’ll need to take measures to fix the issue that was causing the low water pressure in the first place, but this will help you out moving forward. 

Have the Pressure Tank and Pump Inspected

A failing pressure tank or well pump can also have a negative impact on your home’s water pressure. Your local plumber can come out to diagnose the issue and take a close look at the pump and pressure tank to rule them out as possible culprits or make the necessary repairs. If your well water pressure isn’t where you want it to be and you’d like a professional opinion, get in touch with us at Blue Heron today and we will get the process started.

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