Water Chlorination, Filtration and Conditioning Services in Bucks County, PA and Surrounding Areas

Blue Heron Water offers many water treatment, water conditioning and water filtration solutions for well water and municipal water customers. Our Bucks County water chlorination experts can analyze your water and specify equipment that is specific to your needs.

Blue Heron Water offers routine maintenance for existing systems and we sell and install new products. 

Whether you are looking for a water softener, a whole house filtration system, or a point of use RO system, Blue Heron Water has the expertise and products to service your needs. 

If you have specific water quality concerns, the Blue Heron team will address them!

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Do you have a persistent problem with bacteria in your well, including iron bacteria? Notice a “rotten egg” smell in your water? You may need to install a water chlorination or a UV light system.

The water chlorination process is designed to kill bacteria, parasites, and viruses by adding chlorine to your water supply. So too, UV lights. Our Bucks County, PA and Surrounding Areas water treatment experts at Blue Heron offer professional water chlorination services, and UV light installations that will help ensure the long-term safety of your drinking water.

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Will Your Bucks County, PA and Surrounding Areas Home Benefit from Water Chlorination?

While well water is known for tasting better than the municipal water supply, it can also come with a variety of contaminants and pollutants that can harm your health or your fixtures. Many properties in the Bucks County, PA and Surrounding Areas have problems with bacteria in the water.

If you are wondering if water chlorination is the right solution for your home, we recommend having a professional water test performed. Blue Heron works in conjunction with DEP approved labs to offer water testing and analysis that can help you identify bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. Once we have analyzed the results, we will help you determine if water chlorination is the right solution for your home.

Personalized Chlorination Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We offer a wide range of water chlorination products and solutions. Depending on your specific needs and water characteristics, our team will recommend the appropriate chlorination solution. We will take the time to discuss your concerns, explain the chlorination process, and present you with an estimate to help you make the best decision for your home.

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At Blue Heron we are committed to helping our customers find safe and accurate solutions to their water quality needs.

Whether you are in the process of adding a well to your property or you need help with your existing system, our team is here to provide the quality solutions you deserve. 

Don’t let poor water quality affect your home or your household–work with our Bucks County, PA and Surrounding Areas water treatment professionals and get the long-term solutions you need with a water chlorinator or other water treatment system.

Contact us today for your free consultation and receive an estimate for water treatment, conditioning and filtration systems to assure your water is safe.

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