If you have a persistent problem with bacterial infection of your well water, including iron bacteria and a "rotten egg" smell, then a chlorinator may be the solution. 


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These complete chlorinator pump and tank systems include injection check valve, tubing, and fittings and are the best way to achieve accurate chlorine residuals with the least amount of maintenance. Dual voltage! Works on both 110v or 220v power sources.

  • Uses chlorine bleach. Easily make your own solution using our NSF Certified Powdered Bleach, or use non-scented liquid chlorine bleach.

  • Easy and precise dosage of chlorine makes it easy to control.

  • Works over a wide range of water flow rates for most home water wells.

  • Good for chlorinating well water flow rates from 1 to 50 Gallons Per Minute (1 - 50 GPM)

  • Pumps 0.1 to 22 gallons of solution per day

  • Works for line pressures up to 110 PSI

  • Dual voltage. No need to specify 110V or 220V, works on either voltage. Uses only 22 watts of power.

  • Dimensions: 15 gallon model: 14.5" wide x 24", height including pump is 35". 35 gallon model: 18" wide x 33", height including pump is 44".

  • Digital speed adjustment makes adjusting the pump fast and easy for incredibly accurate injection.

  • De-gassing vent built-in makes the pump great for chlorination use.

  • Unlike Stenner-style peristaltic pumps: no pump tube failures, no rollers to go bad, needs less service, and good for continuous duty.

  • Uses regular household bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite) or liquid pool chlorine (12% sodium hypochlorite)

  • These heavy-duty metering pumps systems are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance.

  • Pump easily mounts on the top of the tank or a wall

  • Primes super fast, and won't lose its prime.

  • Complete pricing system includes a chlorinator pump, solution tank, injection check valve, tubing, fittings and installation labor.


Depending on your specific need and water characteristics, Blue Heron can specify an appropriate chlorination solution. 


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