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Why Your Household Water Suddenly Got Cloudy After a Rainstorm

Why Your Household Water Suddenly Got Cloudy After a Rainstorm, can-uv-light-sterilize-drinking-water, Newtown Water Treatment & Well Pump Service

If you notice murky water after a heavy rain, this post is for you.  Here’s some information on why this anomaly occurs and how to fix it.

Cloudy or Discolored Water

To diagnose the cause of cloudy or discolored water following a rainstorm in Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas, look at the color.

  • White:  If the cloudiness is white or appears to be caused by bubbles, it’s likely a problem with the aerator.  The white color is caused by bubbles rather that particles in the water.
  • Reddish brown: The most common cause of brown water is rust.  If you’ve been out of town and not using your water, it might run brown because of sediment and rust settling in the pipes.  If it doesn’t clear after running it for a few moments, call give Blue Heron Water a call.
  • Brown with debris:  If the color of your water seems muddy, and you see dirt or other particles inside, this could be organic matter.  The issue might be a break in the pipe somewhere, which could have been caused by the storm or an influx in water pressure on old pipes.

At Blue Heron Water, we can help you determine what’s in your water, where it is coming from, and how to fix it.

Cold water check

If the problem remains, it’s probably your well water that has the issue.

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From the water we drink to the water we bathe in, wash our homes with, and water our plants with-it’s critical that water is safe and clean.

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